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Vehicle submersion claims the lives of tens of thousands of people every year and occurs whenever water rises against the doors and side windows and entrap passengers. In the US alone, about 11,000 land motor vehicle accidents occur every year involving immersion or submersion, resulting in 400 deaths (excluding floods).

Occupants have 60 seconds to exit a sinking vehicle through the side windows but, due to panic, waste time on the wrong actions. Electronic safety systems fail early in water and shatter-resistant windows (such as laminate and polycarbonate) prevent even manual tools from working, trapping occupants in the vehicle. The American Automobile Association (AAA) found that manual tools are ineffective against laminate windows, reinforcing the need to lower windows automatically. In recognition of these safety risks, Euro NCAP and ANCAP introduced new safety ratings for car makers to address vehicle submersion by 2023.

We are proud to have developed an automated vehicle escape system that can prevent the untimely death of our loved ones.

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Vehicle Submersion Quick Facts:


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Average time until vehicle submersion

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AWOS is a new passive safety technology that recognizes when a vehicle is in water and automatically lowers the side electric windows.  It also knows when a vehicle is upside down and waits until the vehicle is upright before opening the windows, providing passengers with the safest exit strategy possible.

“I have been studying vehicle submersion for over 15 years.  I believe that AWOS will save many lives by automatically providing occupants with an exit.”

We Need an Automatic Escape Route

Car submersion is terrifying and often fatal.  We only have one minute to escape by breaking or lowering the side windows.  All too often, valuable seconds are wasted on the wrong actions, such as using the cell phone for emergency calls.

The best advice is to perform your own rescue by getting out of the vehicle immediately.  Tools can help to break the windows, such as the Resqme, but not all windows are breakable and human error continues to claim lives every year.

Many lives will be saved with a system that senses when a vehicle is in water and automatically opens the windows, giving passengers a chance to escape.

That system is AWOS.