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No one likes to think of vehicle submersion, and with good reason: it’s terrifying and often fatal.  But it doesn’t have to be.  We decided to solve this real-world problem once and for all.  Join us and learn about vehicle submersion, what you should know today, and the technology that we developed to protect you and your family.

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Vehicle Submersion Quick Facts:


To escape after impact 


Average time until vehicle submersion

1 %
of all drownings

In North America


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AWOS is a new passive safety technology that recognizes when a vehicle is in water and automatically lowers the side electric windows.  It also knows when a vehicle is upside down and waits until the vehicle is upright before opening the windows, providing passengers with the safest exit strategy possible.

“I have been studying vehicle submersion for over 15 years.  I believe that AWOS will save many lives by automatically providing occupants with an exit.”

We Need an Automatic Escape Route

Car submersion is terrifying and often fatal.  We only have one minute to escape by breaking or lowering the side windows.  All too often, valuable seconds are wasted on the wrong actions, such as using the cell phone for emergency calls.

The best advice is to perform your own rescue by getting out of the vehicle immediately.  Tools can help to break the windows, such as the Resqme, but not all windows are breakable and human error continues to claim lives every year.

Many lives will be saved with a system that senses when a vehicle is in water and automatically opens the windows, giving passengers a chance to escape.

That system is AWOS.